Prospector Drilling & Tool Co, Inc.
17226 East Hwy 6
Alvin Texas 77511
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Welcome to Prospector Drilling

Prospector Drilling &Tool Co., Inc. (PDTC) has developed and patented an internal pipe aperture tool (IPAT) and associated technology to increase the gas flow of Landfill Gas (LFG) recovery wells at municipal solid waste landfills. Over time, LFG recovery wells become clogged, flooded or obstructed, causing decreased gas volume and flow into on-site collection systems. This results in decreased methane gas revenues and increased risk of non-compliance to environmental quality standards. Current methods to increase gas flow include drilling of additional wells to replace clogged or obstructed wells, or installing pumps and continually pumping flooded wells. The IPAT creates additional apertures in risers and casings of existing wells, increasing the intake surface area of wells, resulting in increased LFG collection and compliance with environmental quality standards.

PDTC is certified by the State of Texas as a woman-owned, Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). Vendor/ID number: 1412030668400 / 20730.